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in Patience

Domesticate the unknown

Trips to places

A journey through human hearts and minds

The future of mankind


Longer Than
One Life

About Doctorate in Patience

Doctorate in Patience sprouted on the terrace, echoing with the hustle and bustle of the neighboring market, the noise of the human crowd, and the howling of scooters in a house on 380 Street in Phnom Penh. It was then an idea, a concept brought to life by a series of events. That first thought became a craft taking off to the stars. For more than half a decade, the title took on sense and meaning until the story hidden behind it evolved.


It was intended to be and will remain part of the title of the Cambodia blog. Doctorate in Patience, however, broke off as an independent entity and began a double, parallel life. Another change took place after a few years. The "Cambodia. Doctorate in Patience" blog has become part of a larger story, an offshoot, a branch of the Doctorate in Patience, which later became an umbrella for titles focused on common thought.


Doctorate in Patience is a collection of literature, arts, thoughts, and other creativity and work. It will continue to exist as long as this possibility lasts. It will include blogs, books, speeches, and different types of creation, as well as work with people.

The works that add up to Doctorate in Patience are related to domesticating the unknown, trips to places, and a journey through human hearts and minds. They talk about the present day and future of mankind, the dangers of uncontrolled development, and the limitations humanity has to overcome to set off on a journey to the stars.

Patience has many names and meanings. Doctorate is particularly close to one of them, called longtermism - meaning looking at humanity as a whole, without discrimination based on sex, race, religion, or other affiliation or divisions, or the times in which people have come or will live thousands of generations after us.

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