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Cambodia is full of them!

After a few weeks in a new country, I shared my first culture shock with Tara, a Canadian who works in my organization. Tara was a veteran, for over twenty years mShe lived with her family in the countries of Asia and Oceania. They were everywhere. They lived in Fiji, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia and Singapore.
- Tara, Cambodia is so abstractly different from the West that my mind can barely stop exploding! How do these people come up with such ideas as without shame in doing things that would at least cause confusion in Europe!
Tara smiled broadly.
- Ha ha! It's interesting to hear someone "fresh"! For twenty years the peculiarity has become so familiar to me that nothing surprises me anymore! Write something about it, because in a few years you will forget how strange this world is.

Here's a place for the wonders and peculiarities of Cambodia.

- You get used to smells, traffic, rain and heat. The freedom of your approach to time and responsibilities at work will stop you from driving to white fever. In time, like everyone else, you will begin to ignore imperfections and do what everyone else does. Otherwise you will go crazy, Tara told me before finally leaving Asia. - In addition to the reasons to be crazy, you can find a lot of fun here. Search. Everyone has it their own way.

When you come, Reader, for a holiday with a Western world spirit, you will taste the exotic. It has many views and it's up to you to enjoy them. You'll be left with your photos.

When you live here, things get serious. You will not change the weather, mentality, work culture, personal culture of the inhabitants, street traffic, attitudes towards foreigners. You have to find a way to live in harmony with yourself and those around you. If you fail, you must travel or find an antidote to function around normal.

- Much more to come! _Cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Enjoy, Marcin! Tara said goodbye to me. It was the end of her Asian adventure for her. In those days - I was just starting mine.

Ogromny chrząszcz tropikalny w Kambodży
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