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Trzy z wielu wierz świątyni Bayon w Angkor Wat z przedstawieniami uśmiechniętej twarzy


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Khmer Kingdom became the cause and the beginning of the "Doctorate in Patience" author's journey to Southeast Asia, where one has to understand the world anew. This land amazes one every step of the way, which should be no surprise to anyone. Cambodia can be an adventure breaking through the jungle and flowing along the meanders of the Mekong river. It can bring one to oblivion on a paradise island, to becoming hauntingly overworked, to the ultimate laziness and forgetfulness of the rest of the world. It can become a nightmare. One's daily choice is to decide what it will be.

Cambodia is a tiny paradise in the middle of hell. Living in Cambodia draws all weaknesses from you. You have to face them, and if it is too much to take, better return to where you came from.

You can be whatever you want here, but you must work for it yourself. Nobody will help you in this, but nobody will stop you, either.

The author of the blog is a resident of Southeast Asia. For several years he remained at the center of state events in Cambodia, sharing his work and life with Khmer society: from simple people from the jungle to scientists, artists, business and political VIPs, to the royal family.

He has also been organizing and conducting the only annual event in the Kingdom attended by individuals from the royal family and members of the prime minister's family, an audience otherwise hardly seen in one place and time.

The author had to master the art of communication between worlds that are foreign to one another and even hostile at times. At 31, he became a visiting professor at the Royal University of Fine Arts in Phnom Penh and an honorary juror at international art competitions. He has been building institutions of culture and education in several countries, supported the development of children, adults, and organizations, worked with governments, and taught children from the royal family and the grandchildren of the Prime Minister of Cambodia.


Eventually, he created and managed an international philanthropic organization at the behest of an eccentric multi-billionaire and served as its Chairman Board of Trustees. The author has been seen helping people and other creatures, assisting a vet in animal surgeries under the open sky in the jungle, saving sea turtles from extinction, supporting talented children, birth-giving women, and conducting noble projects. He has also been observed chatting with princesses, politicians, and VIPs, meeting extraordinary people, sitting on the ground with beautiful people leading uncomplicated lives, and forging alliances with like-minded individuals, associations, and others. He got to know and experienced the extraordinary diversity of cultures and built and led diverse teams.

The author's life choices, which he was not warned about before moving to Asia, forced him to build bridges between individuals and groups, not only between equal powers but also between the most uncomplicated and sophisticated people.

He thought he knew everything.

He had to learn everything anew.

Cambodia. Doctorate in Patience

Real-life stories, events, and thoughts,

inspired by Cambodia

Cambodia as it is, without taboos

This is not a travel guide, attraction price list, or guidebook.

This is a journey.

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