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Mister Marcin

He was born and lived in Poland for thirty-one years, kept his home there, and returned to Poland from frequent trips. A couple of messages exchanged with one friend from student times caused a butterfly effect and sowed a seed of change. Natalia wrote from Singapore: “Marcin, a music school in Cambodia is looking for a new director. Who if not you?”

Two previous trips to Asia left him with a appealing thought — "what would it be like to go there... just for some time, for a moment."

And to get to know a different world.

About the Author

Before moving to Asia, he worked in classical music, communications, and improving processes of teamwork. His artistic paths have taken him far from his native Toruń. He was touched by exotic cultures that possess minds and souls, and then it happened. You never know how long you will stay in Asia: time is just an idea there.

Mister Marcin is a professional classical musician. He graduated from schools in Toruń, lived in Warsaw, where he graduated with flying colors at Chopin Music University, and completed his education at the Warsaw School of Economics. Marcin later played in classical and popular music ensembles and worked as a musician and inspector of a symphony orchestra. He participated in a thousand performances in over a dozen countries, in dozens of recordings, festivals, and live broadcasts. Having gone to some contests, he brought home some prizes, too.

The author led the oldest international music school in Cambodia. Several hundred students represented over forty nationalities, and the teaching team came from four continents and fourteen countries. The author collaborated with educational and cultural institutions and educated art adepts from proverbial five to one hundred and five. The famous Phnom Penh school was visited by foreign artists who performed on stage and conducted master classes. Under the leadership of Mister Marcin, Cambodian talents were shown to a broader audience and brought the first laurels of international competitions in history.

While taking care of the music school, the author was appointed Visiting Professor at the Royal University of Fine Arts in Phnom Penh. He advised in the cultural and artistic education environment, was an Honorary Juror of international art competitions in Singapore, Malaysia, and Cambodia, and was a teacher of children from the royal family and grandchildren of the Prime Minister of Cambodia. He was a member of the Cambodia Piano Teachers Association and co-organized national piano competitions.

In 2018, Mister Marcin received a commission to establish an international philanthropic organization for the family of an eccentric multi-billionaire. The project was supported by the princesses of Cambodia and a group of founders (UHNWI). This blog's author assumed the Chairman Board of Trustees role, after which he created a baby Unicorn. Close collaboration with Rotary International resulted in an invitation to become a member of the most dynamic Rotary Club in Indonesia.

Mister Marcin built teams and managed multicultural organizations involving people of various nationalities and religions. He currently lives on the Indonesian island of Bali, where he works on several publications, writes a book, conducts training for several organizations, and prepares literary and musical projects.

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