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Regarding the Blog, travels, and author's activities

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Live Conversation

February 26, 2021

Chopin's Longest Birthday Festival

New Brave World of Music, Warsaw

Polska pianistka gra na pianinie, khmerski chłopiec przysłuchuje się i uczy

An on-stage interview during the festival concert on the Internet about a music school in Cambodia, about local children and education without a program. About music, not as a school subject, but as a gift for life.

Documentary Film


Music Education Without Program

Fotografia autora bloga na czarnym tle wykonana w trakcie wywiadu do filmu dokumentalnego

The ongoing dispute aims to increase the interest in learning music, especially among those who wish to play for themselves and not win competitions. The author of Doctorate in Patience has been invited for a new artistic education documentary interview to share his experience as a music school director in Cambodia. He discusses current educational methods and new approaches without a preset curriculum and with the dreams and goals of students in mind.

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Travel Webinar

May 24, 2021

Let Me Tell You About Cambodia

Nowa Huta Heritage Laboratory, Kraków

Plakat webinaru "Opowiem Wam Kambodżę" przedstawiający pomnik niepodległości w Phnom Penh

An hour and a half webinar about what Cambodia truly is, without beautifying, without TABU. The webinar was part of Slajdowiska (photo-slideshows), a series of travel meetings organized by the Nowa Huta Heritage Laboratory. The author of the Doctorate in Patience shared his life in Cambodia and told about the social situation, customs, hardships, and joys of living among Khmer people in their own country.

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